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A great way to increase fitness

Juin 16, 2018 | bull muay thai

There are many good practices and activities out there to achieve better fitness. Whilst some people rely on the positive effect Yoga and Pilates has, others tend to take it up a notch and go biking, running, swimming – you name it.
One could even go to a length and say that if an activity makes you sweat, then you’re in for a great fitness session. No matter if you like to take a more relaxed or full-on approach to increasing your fitness, important is that you start doing something that’s good for your health.

A good idea to increase your fitness level fast is to combine many of the cardio-fitness and muscular activities in one. We’re not talking about Crossfit – we’re talking about Muay Thai!

There’s a number of reasons why people train Muay Thai. Some people do it because they love the sport, maybe it’s because they want to compete in the sport itself, or maybe it’s because they see it as a means of staying in shape and losing weight.
This article will touch just some of these reasons to get started with Muay Thai – and no, it doesn’t need to involve actually fighting against a fully trained Muay Thai fighter in the ring. Don’t worry!

Muay Thai is great for cardiovascular training

This first one is obvious. Cardiovascular activity burns calories. Getting your heart rate up, and keeping it up throughout your workout, works out your heart and gets that fat burning. There aren’t many martial arts that can compare with the cardio workout you get from Muay Thai. The constant motion, round after round of punching, kicking, and conditioning drills your body with every workout.

 Muay Thai is great for Increasing your strength

What do muscles do? They burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you are burning throughout the day, even while you are sitting at work. Muay Thai is one of those intense workouts, where you are still burning calories long after finishing your training session.
In Muay Thai, every time you strike, whether it is an elbow, punch, knee or kick, you are tensing your muscles to their maximum at the final moment of impact. After a few rounds, you will feel the fatigue that comes with this activity. This stems from the tensing of the muscles for strength, just like the effect of lifting weights or using resistance bands. In one Muay Thai class you could do hundreds of repetitions of punches and kicks, resulting in a full strength training workout.

Interval training, the champion of weight-loss

Have you ever noticed the “fat burn” workout mode on a treadmill or stair stepping machine? Did you notice how it was set as intervals? A few minutes of intense workout, then a few minutes of lesser intensity, a few minutes of running a hill, and back and forth throughout the duration of the workout. This is because your heart is forced to adjust to different conditions very quickly, and operate outside of the normal routine. Making your heart work this way will boost your metabolism, and increase your body’s calorie burning long after you’ve ended your workout. Muay Thai training sessions are doing the exact same thing.

A Muay Thai workout is incredibly dynamic, from upper body strikes to kicking, ab exercises, jumping rope, and many other conditioning drills. Many Muay Thai workouts are done completely in rounds, with a duration of 3 minutes per round and a rest in between, which makes for a perfect fat burning interval training workout.

Muay Thai is the best weight-loss martial art of all time. Time is very precious, and it can, at times. be hard to find the time to spend a lot of time in the gym. That’s why Muay Thai is the best weight-loss martial art. There is a high return on your investment when you train in Muay Thai and with one Muay Thai workout, you burn a lot of calories, improve so many physical attributes, learn a new skill, and the best part of it all –  It is a lot of fun!

What does a Muay Thai session consist of?

A lot of people may have heard about Muay Thai and feel curious enough to at least give it a shot – but they are justifiably concerned. Muay Thai training sessions should however not be compared to Muay Thai fights. You’re not being shoved in a ring to fight the largest, meanest guy in the room.

The vast majority of people who train Muay Thai actually never set a foot in the ring to actually fight. And the vast majority of Muay Thai gyms likewise know this.

Here’s what you can realistically expect when you get started. When you come in for your first few classes, you’ll be taught the bare-bones fundamentals- how to stand, how to move, how to throw your basic strikes, how to block and more down that line.

Once you have these down (and it usually doesn’t take long), you’ll start actually learning Muay Thai.  he content of these beginner classes often vary from class to class, but some common examples of things you’ll be doing are:

  • Practicing your strikes and strike combinations on a heavy bar
  • Practicing specific techniques with a partner
  • Conditioning works (calisthenics, core stability, etc.)

But Muay training sessions have so much more to offer you. Why don’t you put on your gym clothes and find out?

Can we expect to see you in our training-camp anytime soon?

Get moving – you’ll thank yourself later!

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