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Muay Thai – a challenge, a chance and a retreat for mind, body and soul

Mai 24, 2018 | bull muay thai

Muay Thai has a great history and tradition. We described it in one of our previous articles, as you may recall. If you missed the article, you can find it here. (link to:

While, to some, the full contact sport looks like a scene taken from a blockbuster movie starring Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or other similar kick-ass martial artists that have become famous on the big screen, it would only be fair to say that Muay Thai isn’t all about fighting and kicking ass. Muay Thai is so much more, really.
Admitted, you probably see the fighters on screen and immediately come to think of that they’ve never done anything else in their life, watching their muscle-packed bodies move fast, determined, coordinated and pinpoint accurately like a missile, but the truth is, that they surely didn’t get there without a lot of training of not only their body – but also their mind and soul.
This article will take you through some of the hidden perks of Muay Thai – focusing not merely on the active training, but instead the more peaceful parts of the sport, that makes up for about 80% of a great fighter; the mind; the soul.

Muay Thai training starts in your mind

You see, in movies, the big fighters often try NOT to fight – they remain calm and peaceful mostly – but it is their counterparts that make the first move – only to find out that they did a big mistake; here comes the fist, there comes the foot – on the ground they go – and better stay there.
As they also say in elite military units across the globe, 80% of the performance and ability is in the mindset of a person. Even when the body is aching, the stamina says “no more, please”, it really is your brain telling you “hey buddy, let’s take a rest, shall we? Just a minute, laying in the grass, good sport. You’ve done enough”. The muscles and joints however could easily carry on with training; running one more lap, make one more set of pull-ups – take it one step further.
And that is also the hidden benefit of a true fighter – he knows how to control and manipulate his mind, body and soul!

Muay Thai is often misunderstood

Most people get intimidated and scared once they hear the word Muay-Thai and thus end up never even trying it. But the ones adventurous enough to try it and stick to it bring a new level of accomplishment to their life. Not everyone can handle the intense training – not everyone is cut out for it. Not only does Muay Thai teach you about fighting, it also helps training self-defence skills, it improves your self-confidence and self-balance. You’ll quickly learn that attack is NOT the best defence.

Determination is the key

Training Muay-Thai every day without quitting is not an easy task though. Stick to it, push yourself, become better every day – and you will not only see results on your body, but you’ll also notice that you’ll be more balanced in your mind; you’ll be much more self-aware and be able to release a lot of stress.

Muay Thai trains mental toughness, resilience and it improves your strength and also has similar effects to meditation. Not only is this the sport of the 8 limbs – it’s also a sport of great training of mind and soul. This is where the difference lies of a good fighter and a great fighter.

When will you push yourself beyond your known limits and come train with us?

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