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Great training deserves great restitute – Try out the Bamboo Pool Resort

Mai 21, 2018 | Bamboo Pool Resort

Many of our students, whether they come to us from near and far, for improving their skill- or fitness-level, of course, also need a place to rest after completing their daily lessons with us. After a workout session, a retreat is what is often painfully needed – for one, so our students can be fit for the next training sessions to come, and secondly, so they can get a chance to rest their mind and soul. For that purpose, we have the Bamboo Pool Resort, with 30 bamboo bungalows, and a swimming pool, where you can relax after training. And that’s only part of the perks of the authentic resort.

Bamboo Pool Resort – for an authentic feeling

Why it is named Bamboo Pool Resort you’ll quickly realise when you see the bungalows, as they are made entirely of bamboo. This is, of course, to give guests the most authentic experience of their stay in Krabi, Thailand, taking you back to the centuries, where houses typically were crafted from bamboo, mostly in rural areas. Why? Well, because this was the easiest accessible material to get the hands on back in the days, as it was cheap, and also widely available in the surrounding nature. Bamboo also has the great benefit of keeping the interior cold and ‘bug-free’. Once you stay inside one of the bungalows, you’ll know that you barely need an aircondition, as the material will absorb most of the energy-drenching humidity that in particular befalls Phuket during the summer season. To see pictures of the resort, the rooms and surroundings, please refer to our Resort (link to: https://bullmuaythaikrabi.com/resort/) page on bullmuaythaikrabi.com

Amenities – all you could ever need

Of course, you won’t sleep in a rural-like house from back in the days in all its original form, when coming to the Bamboo Pool Resort in Krabi, Phuket. The 30 bungalows all come with a range of modern amenities, full service and practically anything that you can wish for. There, of course, is house cleaning, a swimming pool, rooms with fan or aircondition, refrigerators, TV’s, comfy Queen sized beds, a wardrobe, a nearby restaurant with savouring and replenishing breakfast, lunch and dinner – and much more. To see more pictures of the resort, the pool, the training facilities, the instructors, restaurant and the surroundings – please check out our Gallery section (link to: https://bullmuaythaikrabi.com/gallery/)

Muay Thai Training

The main activity that the guests of the Bamboo Pool Resort come for is, of course, the authentic Muay Thai training, which till date, has nurtured many successful professional fighters. Whether you’ll come to us for a few training sessions during the day, private training, or a longer stay of 1 week, 15 days or 1 month – we’re ready to guide you through the process, help you make the necessary preparations from the pre-planning to getting here. We can already guarantee you one thing. If you decide to sign up for our training sessions and for a stay at the Bamboo Pool resort; you’ll quickly feel at home and as a part of the family. Make a change – take a timeout – time for an adventure – come train with us at Bull Muay Thai in Krabi, Phuket. You’re future self will thank you for it!

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