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Welcome to Bull Muay Thai – your gateway to authentic Muay Thai training

Avr 1, 2018 | bull muay thai

Here at Bull Muay Thai School in Krabi, Thailand we offer interested individuals an authentic Muay Thai training experience. That includes a full state-of-the-art gym, a fully equipped resort where our students can rest after training, great and peaceful surroundings, and of course dedicated and motivated staff that are either getting applicants ready for a fighting career, a new fitness level, weight loss, or a touch of the full Muay Thai fighting experience while on vacation.

Our school is open 7 days a week with a full array of classes to accommodate any schedule and any fitness level.

Muay Thai also often is referred to as the Art of 8 limbs, as this unique martial art uses fists, legs, knees and elbows alike as fighting weapons. Since Muay Thai enables all parts of the body, it serves as an excellent and efficient way to get into the best shape of your life.

Our  staff is dedicated to teach our students all the aspects of authentic Muay Thai, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of this unique form of martial art.

Bull Muay Thai School has facilities that includes a full state of the art gym, multiple heavy bags and a wide variety of Muay Thai equipment for your perusal.

We make sure to deliver on our promises

Bull Muay Thai delivers the best empowering learning experience in martial arts and we strive to provide a place where personal development and improvement is foremost, where we hold values such as respect, believe and dedication up high while not forgetting the fun and tradition of the sport. Since we opened our doors we’ve been running a strong, structured and traditional Muay Thai program for interested individuals to learn and develop their skills in the ancient art of Muay Thai.

Our instructors are highly dedicated

Bull Muay Thai is run and operated by a team of dedicated and qualified instructors, which are hand-picked and fully qualified to both fight and instruct in the highest of martial arts; Muay Thai. Our team of instructors work together to ensure that all students are supported properly throughout their time with us, both in and out of the ring. With our instructors, novices and experts alike are in great hands. We’ve built fighters, but we’ve also helped many individuals to get in shape and loose weight.

Muay Thai is for everyone, so we invite everyone to come try it out at least once. Come stay at our Bamboo Pool Resort during your training, so you won’t have far from your training session to a much deserved recreational session in the pool or on the porch.

To read more about our resort, please visit: https://bullmuaythaikrabi.com/resort/

To see a price-list of our training, be it self-defence, basic techniques of different martial arts or for weight-loss, please visit: https://bullmuaythaikrabi.com/pricelist/

Having questions before your planned arrival? Get in touch via our contact form here: https://bullmuaythaikrabi.com/contacts/