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Francisco Sallent – Aug 19, 2017 Koh Samui.

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19-08-2017 Petcha Buncha Stadium, Koh Samui.
The last match played by Francisco Sallent for the Bull Muay Thai won for the second shooter with a powerful midfielder, forcing the opponent to surrender.
Fransisco is Argentinian and is 24 years old, has played in his 35 match career, including 26 wins and 9 defeats, many of them match the prestigious Max Muay Thai, fighting for the Max Muay Thai standard belt as well.

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19-08-2017 Petcha Buncha Stadium, Koh Samui.
L’ultimo match disputato da Francisco Sallent per la Bull Muay Thai, ha vinto per tko alla seconda ripresa con un potente calcio medio, costringendo l’avversario alla resa.
Fransisco è argentino ed ha 24 anni, ha disputato nella sua carriera 35 match, di cui 26 vittorie e 9 sconfitte, molti match al prestigioso max Muay Thai, combattendo anche per la cintura di campione Max Muay thai.